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It was one of the standard issued rifles issued to the United States Armed Forces during World War 2 and was given the attachment of a barrel mounted grenade launcher. Since it was the most common rifle used by the Americans, the M1 Garand was seen in the hands of various troops throughout the film; including Miller's Men.

It has an 8 round internal En Bloc magazine of .30-06 Springfield ammunition. Patton described the M1 Garand as quote "The greatest battle implement ever devised".

“We hope to see them in the future.” The CMP is a federally chartered non-profit corporation tasked with promoting firearms safety training and rifle practice. Army under the Clinton-administration in 1996, it still conducts training courses and holds shooting competitions nationwide but draws its primary source of funding through the sale of surplus firearms to qualifying members of the public which were donated to the organization by the Army.

It originated as the Office of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship in 1903 under orders from Congress to improve the country’s marksmanship skills to minimize training in case of war. However, the CMPs stocks of surplus arms are diminishing.

By coincidence I have never personally seen an Italian made Garand or Garand reciever over a 5 or 6 hours drive from the Canadian border. " is interesting and not inconsistent with a circa 2002 Springfield Inc. South Korean volunteers with Claymores strapped to thier chests and clackers in hand are a clear indication of Allied resolve. I got that because I grew up just a couple miles from the Winchester Mystery House, I needed a Winchester rifle to survive a Sean of the Dead style zombie outbreak and the receiver was cheap.

Since then, the Obama administration repeatedly blocked efforts to bring surplus donated military rifles back from overseas allies looking to rid themselves of obsolete hardware.As noted by the CMP’s sale page on the rifle, most common variants became sold out in the past two years. allies in Europe and Asia in the mid-20th Century and the guns remain in limited use by the Philippine military with some ROTC units and provincial police units, including CAFGU auxiliary police.An influx of 86,000 highly-collectable rifles, largely all made before 1957, would likely revitalize the organization, and ensure its work for years to come. I believe that many of the Italian-issued ones were later used as the basis of the M14-like BM59, so they are no longer in M-1 form. Clinton had them cut up before they came in country, Like the M-14's form overseas storage. I have 2 that were put together with CMP recievers.And I think the BM series were selective fire, so they will be unlikely to be imported into the US in any numbers. There was a 2 digit serial, #86 if I remember right, on one of the auction sites just a day or two ago. The Tipo 2 was designed to be an economical way to convert 30'06 Garands to 7.62 .

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