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Kathy Griffin calls her most recent tour “Celebrity Run Ins,” a title it shares with her New York Times best selling memoir.

But, at her stop at Salt Lake’s Eccles Theater last night it occurred to this reviewer that a more appropriate name may have been, “Alright, Listen To This Sh*t.”Griffin’s act, which she has perfected over decades in show business, is designed to feel like a chat between her and—in the case of the Eccles—2500 of her closest friends.

Caught by a TMZ reporter late Wednesday night, grabbing some late-night ice cream, he made it clear he’s not going to back down and said artists need to stand by their work — even if they face a torrent of criticism.

That position is in keeping with things he said Tuesday, soon after he and Griffin released the photo to the gossip site TMZ.

We’ve all been there.)—still had a decidedly political tone. “If you voted for Trump,” she told the crowd matter-of-factly, “My show is not for you.” After confession of adoration for Utah’s own Evan Mc Mullin, Griffin said, “I know Trump. You can laugh at the Kardashians at night and still call your congressperson in the morning.

where the acclaimed CNN news anchor got pretty candid about his love life -- including his failed romance with Cohen himself. According to Cooper, they pair were once set up on a blind date, but Cooper decided he wasn't interested in Cohen before it even went down.

Similarly, the publication of the photo wasn’t like some unfortunate remark Griffin might have blurted out as part of a stand-up routine.

This image and its promotion were carefully premeditated.

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Griffin’s comedy is mostly story-based, as she recounts things that have happened to her with people whom she has decided are more famous than she is—this is a point that is in itself debatable, but we’ll go with it for the sake of the narrative—masterfully, she weaves from one story to the next, injecting color commentary, jokes and insights adding plenty of segues with that masterful, “Alright, listen to this sh*t,” before somehow always heading back to her original story.“We have so much to talk about,” she told the crowd after a couple obligatory Mormon jokes. Be the Joan Rivers meets Marina Abromavic performance artist shock comic you always wanted to be.” Meanwhile, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted about Griffin’s stunt by saying that she “didn’t find it funny at all.” But O’Donnell, a longtime critic of Trump’s, has also retweeted a number of messages from users who say that similar actions — including people burning or lynching effigies of Barack Obama — have not been met with the same level of outrage.And President Trump himself called the stunt “sick.” However, some individuals have taken to social media amid the controversy to at least defend Griffin’s right to comment and provoke, even if they don’t necessarily with her exact method.He likes to remind people that "you know, I'm, like, a smart person," but he doesn't always seem to get it right.Here are 11 instances of Trump and his surrogates giving weirdo history lessons.

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