Private dating scan leicester

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A 3D ultrasound scan refers to the ultrasound capturing a 3D image of your baby.A 4D scan is the dynamic recording of your baby's 3D ultrasound.

Many parents have seen their baby perform somersaults on screen or watched with amusement as their baby waves at them or gets hiccups.Twelve-year-old Edward V, expecting his coronation, was taken to the Tower of London along with his nine-year-old brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York. The death of the two boys remains one of the greatest mysteries in British history.Ms Langley will announce details of the new quest today during celebrations marking the 530th anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth, the last significant battle of the War of the Roses in which Richard III was killed.“I have three key lines of investigation – two that have never been investigated before,” she said.“There are a couple of European lines of inquiry that are looking very interesting.We do know that [Richard III’s successor] Henry Tudor tried to destroy all copies of Richard’s legal right to the throne, the Titulus Regius.

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