Sharepoint consolidating multiple ad user accounts

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The scenario in this article is based on two fictional companies - and - using two separate Office 365 tenants.Contoso has purchased Fabrikam and is moving the Fabrikam users and data to the Office 365 tenant.

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sharepoint consolidating multiple ad user accounts-65

For Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, when you are restarting, auto-discover will configure the client and rebuild the . For the Lync client, you will need to add contacts once migration is complete.

In other words, you want to consolidate the subsidiary networks.

You can do this by migrating the subsidiary networks into your parent network. wants to keep the pharmaceutical employees in their own network but wants to move employees from Contoso_to would migrate the users from the Contoso_subsidiary to the parent network.

To sync the local AD with the Office 365 service the installation of the Directory Synchronization Tool (Dirsync) is required. The program syncs all accounts, with their access passwords up to Office 365.

However, it does not provide Single Sign-On (SSO) capability.

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